Taking a Sharp Turn

Remember how last time I wrote about how I’m back on the road and going back to write here (I even promised to write again the following week!) – and how I left you silent for the next couple of months? So, there’s a reason for that.

Let’s start from the end – I’m back in Israel and I’m building my home base – a yurt.

“What? How? But you said that you wanted to leave Israel, to travel, see the world….” Yes, I did – and I still do – but, as I grow, my views change and, shortly after I wrote to you from Saint Petersburg last time, I went to Finland, back to the farm where I was almost 3 years ago. There I finally took the time to think (and feel) what I want to do – and I’ve thought and decided of a few things I want in my life, and I came to some conclusions.

I’ve realized that I want to have a home. A base. Someplace that I can feel is mine to come back to. I want it to be a place I feel connected to – a place I can basically call home. I wanted it to be simple, quiet and with enough place for a garden and for playing around. I didn’t want to pay anyone for living there. I wanted it to be a place that I can leave whenever I want and come back whenever I want.

(To be completely honest, it was just too cold in the North and I missed the Israeli weather and spirit.. and.. yeah.. my friends..)

Fortunately, I was born to my parents. The ones of you that know them, know why I say that. But besides them being who they are, they live in Moshav (=agricultural village in Hebrew) Timmorim – where I grew up. They don’t have a very large land, but enough for me to have the space I need to build my little home.

I decided it to be something simple and cozy, easy and fast to build, ecological, and mobile if possible. The yurt structure answers all of the above. It is perfect for the Israeli climates, and since coming back to Israel (almost two months ago) I’ve managed to build most of it. Half of the time I was just organizing everything around it – before I could really start building – but once I started building I’m almost finished. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll post here pictures of it standing in my parents’ back yard!

I document all of the process, and on my next post I’ll try to explain the process with pictures. But for now, all I wanted was to update you on what I do at the moment and why I was gone. (in case anybody noticed)

Until it will be open for hosting I invite you all, whoever wants to give a hand and help – you’re very welcome!

Until next time, I send my love and good vibes to you all.