Winter Is Coming

I started writing this blog in June 2011 in Ireland, when I embarked on my first long travel outside of my homeland. Back then it was more about my travels, why I do it and how – all seamed into the stories I gathered on the way. Since then a lot have changed. Especially me, in many ways. The sharp-eyed readers must have noticed I’ve even changed the sub-title of the blog(!) – I want to make it a bit less of a travel diary, and more into a.. well.. I actually don’t know. A blog? A travel journal? (that’s a good time to ask – what’s the difference between all of the above) So how will it effect my writing and the subjects I will write about? Not sure. Let’s just start and see how it goes. So..

Where should I begin after almost two and a half years of absence from the blog?

Should I go back and tell you about my adventures in Svalbard? You probably all heard that story before, about how I found out I have an overdraft in my bank account when I got there, and that I’m actually stuck on an island in the arctic, and I have to get a job. How for two weeks I struggled with my loneliness, trying to make friends while writing my “CV” (well, I did military and then I was the ice cream man of Tel Aviv – does that count as an experience?) and realizing that all the experience I really needed here is in speaking the Norwegian language.. Perhaps I should just jump to the happy ending and skip my story of my first Friday night strolling in the dark main street of Longyearbyen, looking for people to hang out with, talk with, be friends with. How all of that lead to me meeting Kristian, the Danish blacksmith who taught me how to weld and work with metal, while I earn my little pocket money for food – and after two of my worst weeks while travelling I got finally some food, beer and friends – and what a great feeling that was..

Maybe it will be a good idea to briefly tell you how I decided to go back to Israel to reunite with Bar, and how all of that lead to me starting a tour guide course in Jerusalem, living there for two years, finding the best people in the city – and shortly after, they’ve become my best friends. How could I summarize this 27 months into written words? All the people I’ve met – on my couch, on the street, on the tram or anywhere else – each one so special and unique, so inspiring. All the people that stepped in and out of our vegan household left a unique experience in me, and a feeling in my heart – all of that helped me to learn and to evolve. And I’m deeply grateful for you being in my life.

In this two years I seized almost every opportunity to go on different travels; rock-climbing with Hubert in Reunion Island, Hitchhiking from Romania to Germany and then back to Istanbul through Sarajevo with Laura, (where I started drawing!) snowboarding in Poland with Kasia, and quite a loosed trip in Germany again – all of these were accompanied by friends I mostly hosted in Jerusalem or met while travelling – that means you!

Oh, and of course I should tell you about my discovery of the Grateful Dead – but I guess that I probably did already..

Well, I guess most of you know all of that so there’s not much to add to it by writing here in hindsight. I guess you’re more curious about the last month, after I left my homeland.. This month divides into two parts – the first two and a half weeks, in Germany, and the last two weeks, the way to Saint Petersburg with Natasha.

I promise to start writing about all of that in the next week. The most important thing for me on this post was to start.

I wish all of you a happy new (Jewish) year! May you let your inner feelings and intuitions guide you to your choices and decisions. May you find your denials and replace them with acceptance.

May you always do all of this it with love.

Thank you for coming back, and see you all soon!

!שנה טובה